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Mom's Life

Eve Martha
Broussard Ditch Verret

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Photos from Family Gathering
after Martha's Funeral

How did she get the name "Lil Moma"?
When Jeannette (Melvin Jr's wife) first met her, she would hear talk about "Big Mama". That was the name that Martha called her mother-in-law (Eve Bourg Ditch). So not to get confused, Jeannette started calling Martha "Lil Moma". From then on, the name stayed, and it was especially used by her Daughter-In-Laws and Son-In-Laws.

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O.P. & Shirley's Family at Christmas 2011
Carolyn & Robert Wight's Family
Daniel & Jami Hebert's Wedding
Karen & Steve Dominick's Kids
Pat Resweber & her Family at Daniel's Wedding
Jacob Guidry's Family, Beckey's son headed to Alaska
O.P. & Shirley Visit Martha & Beckey 6/21/11
O.P. & Shirley Visit Jayne Ellen & Nannette
O.P. & Shirley Visit Pat
Tim Dominick Graduation Video
Tim Dominick Graduates from JMU
Commander Paul Ditch Takes Command of VP-45
Marianna Louise Sanchez
Older Mardi-Gras Costumes made by Lilmoma
Some Family Costumes made by Lilmoma
Martha & Becky in 2nd Ultimate Cakeoff
O. P. & Shirley at Tea Party Convention & Snow at home
Wayne's painting "Queen of Heaven"
Claire Elise Boudreaux
Justin Thayer Gets Masters
Pat and O. P. & Shirley
Justin Thayer's Deer Study Video
Recent Photos from Jayne Ellen
Martha & Becky @ Cake Show
Martha & Becky Visit Virginia
Jewel, Holly, Jenna
Lionel Visits Pat in Oct '08
Monique's Wedding Photo
Butch & Nancy XMass Photos
Kimberly's Daughter Claire
Thanksgiving Day @ David & Lucia's 2008
Paul's Family Meets Uncle O. P. at Rally
Carolyn's Grand Daughter Claire
Lt Cmdr Paul Ditch in Iraq
Robert Wright Recouperating
Paul Ditch Defending our Country
Paul & Fam visits Uncle O. P. & Aunt Shirley
Nanette's new Grandson
Photos from Nanette [Ditch] Alverson
Justin Thayer - Hunting & Fishing in Louisiana
Carolyn and her new grand daughter Claire Elise
Carolyn & Robert's Cruise to Caribbean
Visiting Pat after the LeBlanc Reunion
Butch 4 weeks after Hip Surgery
Tim Dominick Graduates from HS
Cousins get together
House next door burns
Justin Thayer Video
Justin Thayer Video #2
Kimberly James Boudreaux Celebrated!
Uncle O. P. in Washington Post Article
Justin Thayer's Deer Tagging Project
Butch's 10 Pt Buck
O. P. & Shirley's Family Christmas 2006
O. P. & Shirley @ Perry's Christmas Day 2006
Kimberly James' Wedding to Matt Boudreaux
Jayne Ellen's Wedding Picture
Dominick's Homecoming Event
Kimberly James is Honored!
Butch & Justin Geese Hunt
O. P. & Melvin
O. P. & Pat
Martha & Becky Family Pictures
Marcus' Graduation Ceremony
Crawfish @ Danny's
Visit with Carolyn
Marcus's Prom Pictures
Kimberly & Boyfriend Matt
Kyle Thayer Baseball Photos
Jacob Guidry Ready for NFL!
Carl & Carolyn at Christmas 2005
Holly & Jenna
David & Lucia's 4th Child
Butch & Nancy Thayer Family Christmas 05
Wayne's Son Jarret gets married
Butch & Nancy's House after Katrina
Ditch Mini Reunion @ Melvin's
Lilmoma's Easter Balls Displayed this Easter by Cynthia
O. P.'s Best Inauguration photo
Carolyn & Carl's Photos
Paul Ditch Drives the Carrier JFK
Paul Ditch's Promotion to Lt. Commander
Monique's New Web Site
Lt. Paul Ditch's latest Assignment
Jacob Guidry & Son Kaleb
Wayne Ditch Restores Paintings
Jacob Guidry @ McNeese Now
Monique in Wash DC
Jeanette's Balls on TV - Video
Lionel & Gloria visit NYC
Ditch Cousins Meet
Daniel & Anna's Wedding
Roland Recovering from Stroke
Patricia Makes the News!!
Martha and Jenna Make the News!!
Family Gathering in Memory of Leonard
Click here for Barbara Gutierrez's

Click here for a copy of Pat's Eulogy to Mom
that many of you have asked for.

Click for "Lil Moma's" Descendants
Click for Melvin F. Ditch's Pedigree Chart
Click for Martha E. Broussard's Pedigree Chart


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